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Patient Testimonials

Outstanding quality patient care is and always will be - our highest priority.  A very special thank you to all of our patients – both past and present for putting your care and that of your family in our hands. We are always here for you!
~ Sincerely, Sally Newman, PT/Owner

"Very good. Everyone very friendly. Alot of space to do exercises. One-on-one with therapists and loved the aquatics!" ~ Carl, Broadview Heights

“The standards at this facility should be modeled by all PT care providers." ~ Cathy, North Royalton

"Thank you for being so affordable!" ~Denise, Brecksville

“I feel I had excellent care during my rehab for low back pain.  Initially, the therapist helped to relieve my pain through modalities and gentle stretching.  As the pain decreased, therapy became more aggressive with strengthening and more stretching exercises.  All of the therapists worked together to problem-solve and progress my therapy.  I am going away with a painless back and a wonderful program to allow me to maintain and progress to my full function.  Thank you Sports Rehab Consultants!” ~ Lois, Highland Heights

"I love this facility and the people in it.  You can really tell that everyone truly cares about the betterment of your health. The therapists are all great and know what they're doing. It's always a joyful and happy environment when I am here, which makes me thankful to be a part of it. Thanks for everything! ~ Angela, North Royalton

"All of the therapists attitudes are very encouraging and UP! I don't feel like another patient in a line of patients. This is very important to me as I still have a long road to travel.  I have had some bad therapists in the past at other agencies in my 10 years of 3 surgeries. Needless to say, I don't use those agencies anymore!  I live in Elyria and am happy to travel the distance to use your services. Your employees are excellent & eager to help if there is a problem. You have a good team - office and therapists. They work extremely well together & its a pleasure to see them each time & even though there are times (due to my condition) that the pain gets the better of me, I feel good when I leave. Thank you and to your team I say great job!" ~ Melynda, Elyria

"Being a second time patient, I knew what to expect, and as usual you all have exceeded my expectations.  My recovery from this hip surgery has progressed more quickly than the last one, due in great part to my therapists' fantastic care and concern. Thank you all for helping to speed my recovery!" ~ Sue, Brecksville

"Exceeded my expectations. Got so much better. Wish I could stay for treatment but I have to return to school. Would refer anyone who needed PT to come here. Everyone was very friendly and helpful." ~ Kaylin, North Royalton

"This is the only place I go for therapy. I know what to expect and I always get great results! ~ Diane, Parma

"I love the therapists and the atmosphere. I feel comfortable here and I think that is very important. The therapists work very hard and I love feeling like they really care about me and my condition and want to make it better." ~ Penny, North Royalton

"Excellent therapists - best I have had in all of my experiences."  ~ Robert, Parma

"Excellent care. Everyone strives to give the best treatment & exercises to rehab the injured area. The staff goes above and beyond to help us improve with our injury. They are very professional and exceeded expectations!" ~ John, Broadview Heights

"They were all great! Listen to my "issues" and helped me address the problems. All of the people I've dealt with here have been personable and professional.  From the front desk to the back therapy room." ~ Margaret, North Royalton

"I have been pleased with my experience. Everyone is very pleasant and caring and good at what they do.  I would recommend this facility to everyone!" ~ Sharon, Brooklyn

Great environment, excellent care and treatment." ~ George, Brecksville

"Care was excellent and enjoyable!" ~ Barbara, Broadview Heights

"Excellent as always. I have been here for several different maladies. Care was professional, respectful, and helpful every time. Thank you!" ~ Jim, Broadview Heights

"Everyone is very knowlegeable and helpful. The care is very good. I was able to get back to full range of motion after a knee replacement!" ~ Vicki, Strongsville

"Extremely pleased with PT services received to treat my sons Osgood Schlatter.  Teamwork of the PT's working together permitted my son to benefit from their expertise.  Pertinent exercises and stretches and the eventual home exercise program have been an integral part of his pain management and helped him to return to playing soccer.  Thank you!"  ~ Ali, Middleburg Heights

“Everyone was excellent! Very caring, listened to every concern and answered all questions. Pushed but in a very positive way! .~ Pat, North Royalton

“The therapists made my 8 year old son feel comfortable and welcome. He was encouraged to work hard, yet be mindful of pushing too hard.  He also had fun!” Met all expectations. Service: Excellent.  ~ Patrick & M.L., Broadview Heights

“When I started physical therapy I was scared to death.  I came in because I could not turn my neck or use my right arm.  I was in constant pain.  I went to 3 doctors and nothing stopped the terrible pain. My therapist sat me down and explained exactly what and why the therapy was going to work for me. He also assured me the pain would go away – but so did the three doctors!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the therapists that worked on me.  I am now pain free!  I was so nervous when Doug told me other therapists would work with me when he was not in.  He said they are all great – and he was right! They are all personable and professional.  All the receptionists are so friendly and give you a family atmosphere.  Thank you for all of your genuine caring.” ~ Maureen, North Royalton

“Thank you – a whole bunch for all of your help and patience.  All of you are so warm and friendly – making the hard parts easier to tackle and the easy things just warm, good fun.  It’s easy to come to a clean, comfortable, fun place to get help. Thanks again. ~ Pat, Medina

“There is no place as good as this one! The people and service are great!” Exceeded expectations.  ~ Jim and Elaine, North Royalton

Excellent!  The best!  Definitely exceeded my expectations!  Very nice, knowledgeable staff who were more than considerate/helpful of my needs.  They took care of all of my insurance needs”~ Doug, North Royalton

“This is my second injury I’ve rehabbed with Sports Rehabilitation Consultants. They were recommended by friends, and I have done the same for my friends.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else. You can always schedule the times you like, and never have to wait!” Met expectations. ~ Lori, Medina

“This has been a very pleasant experience. You gave me hope and gently encouraged me to go forward. You have given me a sense of self confidence I have not experienced in the past.  I had experience physical therapy in another treatment center and they can’t even begin to meet the quality of care I have experienced here.  Everyone was just the best ever!” Exceeded expectations.  ~ Kathy, North Royalton

“I was treated with compassion and care. They took an active interest in my recovery and did all they could to get me back on my feet.  I feel the exercises and routines were set for my level and being provided instructions to do them at home was a big help!  I can never thank you for all you have done! Regards.” ~ Tony, Medina

“My therapists have shown me encouragement, caring & positive actions. Their attitude towards me and my condition was always a caring one.  They not only worked with me weekly, but also gave me a program for future recovery.  They let me know that they are here for me.  That made me feel good!  The best staff I have ever worked with.  Will definitely recommend your facility and staff.
Expectations exceeded.  ~ Barbara, Parma

“I was surprised how much improvement I gained when I started 6 weeks ago.  Couldn’t hardly walk or move my body.  Now I have most of my movement back except in left shoulder. Therapists outstanding. All services great.~ Gregg, Greenwich, OH

“I cannot say enough on how wonderful you guys are.  You are thoughtful, yet firm enough to get me back to where I need to be.  You have treated my husband 15 years ago and me now. The excellence of care has only gotten better!  I would recommend you to anyone.  Thanks.” ~ Jo, West Salem

“Everything was excellent! I was a patient years ago & came back since everything was great."  ~Eileen, Parma

“The staff was extremely helpful both in rehabilitation and sorting out insurance issues.” Met all expectations. ~ Martha, Brecksville

“Very good care. It couldn’t be better.” ~ Margie, North Royalton

“At Sports Rehab I have always felt extremely cared for.  I have been in 3 different times and they always make me feel 100% better! Excellent service from the time you first walk in the door to the last time you walk out! Exceeded expectations.~ Lauren, Broadview Heights

“The entire staff made me feel very special and welcomed every time I had therapy.  …I have nothing  but good things to say about everyone at therapy. I thank you so much.  Because of your caring I am able to function normally again.  It has been so long since I have been able to do just the simple things.  Now I feel I have no limitations, and yes, I will keep up with my exercises at home because “7 days without exercise makes one weak!  Rita, North Royalton


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